Geoff and I have been slowly but surely working on the backyard. I have a hard time with this stuff, battling my apathy to do something I really want to do. My apathy steers me right a lot of the time- I wanted to make a climate controlled room for the computer towers (we had three at one time) but put it off and put it off, and now we both have laptops and don’t need such a thing. But I usually know when I really want something, like the screened in porch, which I have absolutely love.

I’ve wanted to grow my own vegetables for a while, and liked the idea of raised beds because it helps me keep clear on what’s a weed and what isn’t. Also, since we have heavy clay soil, it’s easier to get soil amendments in.

Anyway, we ordered 5 cubic yards of soil and 2″ x 12″ x 8′ boards, and ┬ámade the boxes today and filled three of them

Raised Beds

Boards cut. I’d built one bed last year, which I used to plant rhubarb in this year. I can’t harvest it till next year- hope it survives, it was looking a little iffy there for a while.

Raised Beds

I lined the bottom with newspaper and then layered mulch, dried leaves and grass, and potting soil

Raised Beds

left: 6 pepper plants from Geoff’s dad and 4 basil plants, right: 4 tomato plants. Last year we got tiny tomato cages and they were no where near big enough. This year we want to build something stronger.

Raised Beds

All the pretty flowers are from the yard across the alley. We really want to put a privacy fence up there, hopefully this year. Problem is, we’d like a gate big enough to continue to get bulk yard material deliveries in back. Have not quite figured that out yet. I’m thinking of painting the outside of the boxes some bright color, but am unsure.

Container Garden

I also revamped my container garden area. I need to expand this and build something nice for them to sit on. I got a new rosemary plant and put it in a pot this year. Last year’s died, even though I tried to keep it warm. :(

Other plans for this year are to replace a lot of grass with planting beds and to build an arbor for some trumpet vine or clematis. We’ll see how that goes. I would also like to build a freestanding trellis to block the view of our screened in porch.

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