Stuff I made

I am no fine woodworker, but I like taking scraps and putting them together to make something else. Here’s a few things I made recently.

Tables for porch

I used the railing we removed from the deck when we made the screened in porch to make several pallet like things. Then I used two of those to make a dining type table, and another one to make a coffee table. Then, I whitewashed them.

New Porch stuff

Cat Ladder/Bridge

We have had this in mind since we moved in (inspired by “The Cat’s House“), but just got around to making it. We have kept it pretty temporary for now, to make sure the cats use it (they do) and they don’t fall. I used a cabinet we had, and modified a ladder I bought at a thrift store for $10. There was a slight accident the other night when the cats tried to walk from the top of the ladder on to a massive Mangelsen photo we have, knocking it to the floor. Luckily, nothing (and no cats) were broken.

Cat ladder

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