Wilderness Park

I don’t know why I have not made it to wilderness park more often. It’s about a 5 minute bike ride from home.

Here are some pictures I took today, I am going to try and make it there more often, so there will probably be more.

There’s a an entrance to something called “camp wilderness” off NW 1st st. The bridge on the end is closed to car traffic now, so it feels pretty remote.

The sun was shining rather prettily through the leaves today.

I wonder why this is here? Seems like and odd place (near NW 1st and calvert)

There was a huge field of milkweed and a bunch of bees. It’ll be nice when more butterflies are out.

You can find a few more pictures and get them large size on flickr.

Next time I want to remember my macro filters so I can take more close up pics of insects.

(Also see what wilderness park used to look like).

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