Oogie the doggie

On December 19, we got a dog. His name was Japetto [sic] at the shelter, but we named him Oogie Boogie.

Oogie Boogie the new doggie!

He seemed so sad and calm at the shelter Рturns out that was probably just the painkillers. He was really good at raising his paw for shakes, which is still one of his favorite activities. He is mostly a good dog, despite a bit of destruction.

Ugh Oogie

Sometimes I’m still struck by the thought “I have a dog.” It’s weird. We’ve always been “the cat people” but over the last few years we’ve been more active outside, and our cats are strictly indoor pets. I’m looking forward to having him “help” me with gardening, once it’s warmer and we close up all of the possible escape routes in the backyard.

We’ve already been able to take part in exploring Wilderness Park. While I am looking forward to walking in the summer, too, the winter is nice for the lack of ticks and fleas. I’m sure looking Oogie over for ticks will be loads of fun.

Oogie wilderness park 2/24/13

We even got him a little backpack so he can carry his own poop when he goes out on walks.

Oogie got a backpack

So, I guess I’m a dog person after all.

More to come on training progress and such.

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